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Solid Waste


When it comes to Recycling and Waste Management the key is to keep things simple. There are three things most of the individuals and businesses want from their recycling and waste management provider; competitive prices, top-notch environmental practices and, perhaps most importantly, a convenient and reliable service.

The reason why convenience and service are so important is simple, great service removes all the headaches and stress of waste management, leaving you to get on with making a success of your business. That’s why it is so important to work with a waste management company that can deal with all your waste streams in one service.

Yimby have a wealth of history, experience and is committed to have a strong market place in India. A Bespoke, detailing into helping our clients with waste minimization, implementation of robust recycling systems and gaining value for their waste. The Brand “YIMBY” of IWAM focuses on serving Individuals as well as business sectors and delivers recycling and waste management solutions designed to be flexible, economical and sustainable.

The Solution — Decentralised and Comprehensive handling , treatment and disposal of waste. 

Yimby’s response to the massive scale of urbanization and Waste Generation is systematic, efficient and yet simple. 

Organic Waste

Manual Composting (Drum)

  • Simple and basic way of composting wet waste at source
  • It requires manual operation and takes 20-25 days for compost generation
  • Requires no electricity
  • Drum is made up of hardened PE weather proof material
  • Suitable for waste generation capacity from 2 kg/day to 200kg/day

Automated Composting (Organic Waste Converter)

  • An effective mechanized way of composting wet waste

  • It takes 10-12 days for compost generation

  • It is without a heater, hence less consumption of electricity and preserves all the nutrients in the compost

  • Drum fabricated out of SS 304 material

  • Best suited for waste generation capacity from 50 kg/day to 1000 kg/day


  • Bio Gas produced out of wet waste could be used for electricity generation and as cooking gas

  • Innovative compact plant design ensures less foot print

  • Plants could be fabricated in MS or constructed in RCC

  • Provided with an in-built waste shredder

  • Runs efficiently for waste generation capacity from 100 kg/day to 5000 kg/day

Dry Waste


  • A prerequisite of waste management is segregation of Dry (Non-Biodegradable) waste. It is categorised into various sub sections as per SWM 2016.

  • Colour Coded Pedal Bins – stationary as well as with wheels are supplied in capacities ranging from 30 Litres to 240 Litres, along with the relevant information posters and signage. 

Hazardous Waste


  • Household hazardous waste like sanitary pads, diapers, nails etc. needs delicate handling and it is treated via portable incinerators.

  • Negligible smoke at outlet 

  • Ash disposal is convenient through removable trays

  • Option of wall mounting

  • Available in automatic & semi-automatic models

  • Capacity varies between 10 kg/hour to 100 kg/hour.


  • Hospital / clinical waste needs segregation in different colour coded bins

  • Bins ranging from 15 Litres to 120 Litres capacity

  • Provided with colour coded bin liners / bags

  • Incinerator design approved by CPCB

  • Fully automatic PLC driven

  • Capacity ranging from 10 kg/hour to 100 kg/hour