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Turnkey Projects

The Zero Waste Consultant bridges (Eco)Logical Thinking with (Eco) Nominal Doing. We apply knowledge from Natures Patterns to develop Innovation Strategies which offer lower manufacturing process costs and lower unit costs.

System Dynamics lies at the heart of what we do. The Circular Economy requires a revaluation of Value Chains and Breakthrough technologies. We focus converting your negative (environmental) costs into positive cash flow’s.


A visionary pragmatic route map is what we envision to achieve. Visionary because you understand the market & technology trends. Pragmatic because you have clear design guidelines how to manoeuvre your organisation into the Future. Tailor-made because Every Business Counts.

Zero Waste Events :- A zero-waste event is designed to reduce or even eliminate the production of waste and limit the use of raw materials, through different areas of action: Reducing waste at source (because the best waste is still one that isn’t there!), reuse, recovery, recycling and composting.

Any event, large or small, can be a Zero Waste Event. Eco-Cycle has a range of options to meet your Zero Waste Event planning needs. From renting recycling bins to consulting Eco-Cycle for planning large Zero Waste Events of over 1,000 people, we have an option that is right for you.

Zero Waste Consultancy

Yimby is  a mission driven waste management company that strives to be a one stop waste management consumer centre.

Our goal is not just waste management, but also reduction of waste, and sustainability.

We realise that waste management is not limited to waste aid for consumers. Our emphasis on urban and rural education makes us stand out. Through our various  outreach programs we intend to educate, train, and influence individuals as well as institutions about sustainability and waste management.

This Involves the following services.

  • Zero waste to Landfill, Consulting & Audits
  • Compliance towards SWM rules
  • Concept design & engineering for waste treatment plant at societies/Corporates/BWG
  • Extended Producer Responsibility Consultancy (EPR)