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About Us

Who Are We?

Our brand YIMBY is India’s 1st Waste Management Consumer Centre. We aim to be our country’s most trusted, economical and influential brand name in Waste Management. The broad portfolio of sustainable products, Eco-friendly alternatives, turnkey projects, services and educational programs – all empower and encourage every citizen, community and institution to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink about environmental impact in consumerism.

Our Mission

Yimby is  a mission driven waste management company that strives to be a one stop waste management consumer centre.

Our goal is not just waste management, but also reduction of waste, and sustainability.

We realise that waste management is not limited to waste aid for consumers. Our emphasis on urban and rural education makes us stand out. Through our various  outreach programs we intend to educate, train, and influence individuals as well as institutions about sustainability and waste management.

Why Should You Care About Waste?

India is rapidly growing. We as a nation are constantly changing towards a better, self sufficient future. 

With rapid urbanisation, comes rapid mounting of waste. Our government has understood the importance of handling this Waste and has introduced Solid Waste Management Rules in 2016. 

India generates 62 million tonnes of waste each year

Less than 60% of that waste gets collected

Around only 15% of that waste gets processed

Our Values


Time Saving

Cost Reduction


Peace of Mind

How Do We at YIMBY Make a Difference

Did you know that “YIMBY – Store” are a one-stop shop when it comes to waste? From Storage bins, Eco-friendly alternatives, Recycling, Home composting, Community waste handling tools, Domestic hazardous waste and much more. Our services are designed to deal with all types of waste. 

  • Time saving – one provider means you don’t have to liaise with numerous suppliers to get your services set up
  • Cost reduction – getting all your waste streams disposed of by one supplier will often come with discounted rates
  • One report – all your recycling and waste statistics can be analysed in one place, keeping things simple and saving you time

At Yimby , our waste aid solutions are two fold. Our projects and products are designed to reduce YOUR operational cost, without compromising on productivity. 

Our goal is to come up with effective innovative solutions for the problem of waste. As a company we are equipped to manage waste from inception stage to disposal stage. This includes Waste Handling, Waste Storage, Everyday Waste Collection, Waste Segregation, Waste Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Waste Treatment, Waste Monitoring, Waste regulations.