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India’s 1st zero waste consumer brand


India’s 1st zero waste consumer brand


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Innovative Solutions for Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Waste.

YIMBY, an initiative of Inovativa Waste Aid and Management Pvt Ltd. is India’s first one stop shop for safe and responsible waste management solutions, ensuring we live in a sustainable environment. YIMBY is an acronym for “Yes In My Backyard”, a pro-development movement in contrast and opposition to the NIMBY, “Not In My Backyard” phenomenon.

YIMBY caters to individuals as well as business sectors and delivers recycling and waste management solutions designed to be flexible, economical and sustainable. It has a wide range of high quality waste handling and storage products, merchandise, IEC material, plug & play sewage treatment plants and services. An in-house team of waste reduction experts supports all services. Notably, the company has invested significantly in its operating system.

YIMBY offers a wide range of products in different waste handling categories also sustainable, eco friendly, and zero waste products will be available at YIMBY exclusive outlets and on its website.

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Opting for biogas proved to be a good decision. YIMBY’s service right from installation, to maintenance and routine check-ups, everything is carried out well.

Sarpanch, Camorlim Village Panchayat

We are happy to have chosen YIMBY. The entire team associated with the STP project systematically organised the installation and the operators ensured that the system was run efficiently and economically.

Chief Engineer, Adwalpalkar Constructions

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