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World Environment Day 2020 (Navhind Times)


Navhind Times ( 05th June 2020)

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) annually organizes events for World Environment Day, which encourages worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment. It is celebrated on 5 June in over 100 countries.

The theme for World Environment Day 2020 is, ‘Time for Nature,’ with a focus on its role in providing the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development. This focus is expected to provide an opportunity for driving the momentum and public awareness of nature as a key aspect.

Without human intervention, nature would have no waste. Natural elements fulfill a function and are reused in one way or another for their usefulness in different stages, cyclically. A chewing gum,plastic bottle, Singleuse plastic or tin, however, cannot take part in this cycle after being abandoned by the roadside or waterbodies, and it remains there for years, in some cases centuries.

Don’t Waste your Garbage  :-

What is Waste?  In our day to day living and activities we create waste, May be by cooking, Eating, Transporting, Packaging, Construction or may be by Industrialization. The Thing or product that we feel is of no use to us is known to us as Waste.  So Can we Call Waste as Garbage ???

What is Garbage ? The Waste generated needs to be transported, Stored, Treated and Disposed. This practice of Handling Waste is called as Solid Waste Handling, and only when such Practice of handling waste is not performed scientifically and Systematically, It gives Waste a new name “Garbage” and Properties that can be a risk to our Nature, Public Health and Environment polluting our Water resources and Air.

Until now in many cities and villages we never used to follow the Practices involved in handling waste hence the garbage collected was simply disposed at an uncontrolled dump site or burned.  Many of us believe that handling of waste at such uncontrolled dumpsite is known as “Garbage treatment Plant”, but that’s not the fact.

Looking into the Garbage matter Seriously Govt. of India under the Ministry of Environment and Forest Have already Gazette a Notification SWM rules 2016 where in it specifies the rules & responsibilities to regulate the management and handling of solid waste.

 As we are rapidly growing towards urbanization , especially in cities or frequently visited tourist places, problems and issues of Solid waste are on a rise and need to be handled immediately, Our Government bodies have understood the importance for the SWM service but are also facing difficulties coz if various factors. May that be rise in population, Human behavior towards cleanliness, deficiency in labour contracts, Capacity building of waste monitoring & handling body or participation from private sectors. 

Municipalities or Panchayat’s have been given the right to adopt steps towards keeping their city / village clean by following the Scientific and systematic practices of Solid waste.

Garbage is Hazardous it pollutes our Environment, water resources, air, breeding of insects, rodents and hence is a risk to Public health. It is difficult to trace the effects of such Transmission to a specific population. The implementation of SWM practices benefits both public health and environmental quality directly and substantially.

We have to participate in every possible way to understand the practices and should not simply get carried away without understanding the facts and social responsibility. The waste management & treatment vertical can be effectively functional, a source of employment and revenue generating unit. Also one of the by-products from organic wet waste is Manure. This manure has properties to nurture farms and is commonly used for organic farming replacing chemical fertilizers.

“Garbage” was once “Waste”. Waste if Handled within Time, one will not see any Garbage landfill…..  but only  “Waste Recovery Unit”.

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By –

Gaurav V. Pokle(Mapusa-Goa)