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This Return Policy aims to inform the user, visitor, customer about the policies laid down and followed by Yimby with respect to return and replacement of products procured on their website.

Yimby intends to point out that prima facie they would not be entertaining any returns of our products purchased from the E-Commerce website except in cases where the product is mechanically damaged.

For the purpose of this Return Policy, alongside any changes to the equivalent, and wherever the specific circumstance so requires "You" or “Customer” or "User, visitor, customer" will mean any natural or legal person who has consented to become a user, visitor, customer of the Yimby Website by signing, logging or visiting the Website and has procured a product from the Yimby Website. Return is a scheme provided by respective sellers of the products directly under this policy in terms of which the option of replacement is offered by the respective sellers to the user, visitor, customer.

Products are returnable only if the user, visitor, customer has received the desired product in a condition that is already physically damaged or malfunction with missing parts.

Returns are accepted only within 30 days of delivery of the product. Beyond 30 days no returns shall be entertained even if the product has been delivered in a damaged condition.

Yimby reserves the right to reject a return of a product delivered.


In order to opt for return of the product, the customer who has procured the product needs to immediately contact Yimby personnel and first identify whether the product is eligible for return.

If the product is eligible for return, the customer has to lodge a complaint and ask for the pick-up of the product. Yimby personnel will confirm the same and arrange the pick-up of the product. Kindly note, the returned product shall be replaced with a new one. No refund of the amount paid shall be done by Yimby.

While pick-up the product needs to be handed over along with the original packaging the product was delivered with and all other things which came with the product i.e. box of the product, user manual, warranty card, packaging material, safety material etc. Failure to provide all these additional products which came with the product will lead to a disqualification in the return process and the item won’t be eligible for return.

While pick-up, the Yimby personnel will examine the product and has to be told of the damage that is pertaining in the product. If the Yimby personnel is agreeing that the product was damaged prior to delivery then he will pic-up the product. If the Yimby personnel does not agree the return will be cancelled. The decision of the Yimby personnel will be final and binding on the issue of return of the product.

Once the product is successfully picked-up from the customer, the Yimby personnel will issue an acknowledgment of the same to the customer. A new product shall be delivered to the customer upon the successful pick-up of the damaged product. No refunds of the amount paid to Yimby shall be entertained whatsoever. Yimby shall only replace the product with a new one.

The user, visitor, customer must kindly note that a damaged product will be replaced only once. Upon replacement the new product will not be eligible for return or replacement by Yimby.

All claims regarding return and replacement of damaged products shall be taken by Yimby and their decision shall be binding on all. The user, visitor, customer must kindly note that return and replacement of damaged products also depends on the supplier of goods to Yimby, if the supplier does not accept any return of products prima facie then Yimby will not entertain any claim regarding damaged products whatsoever. The user, visitor, customer is asked to check and verify with the Yimby personnel whether a particular product they are intending to procure from the Yimby website is liable for return and replacement.


If Yimby has received any knowledge or suspicion that any customer is putting false claims which are not genuine repeatedly regarding the products, Yimby shall suspend their services and membership of that particular customer. Yimby shall also adhere to legal action of injunction and suit for damages if they feel its right to do so. Yimby shall also report about that fraudulent customer to the cyber-crime branch and other governmental authorities to take due action of law.

CHANGES TO THIS RETURN POLICY Yimby reserves the right to update, modify or alter this Return Policy whenever they deem fit to do so without any prior intimation. Such updated Return policy shall be valid and binding on all the users, visitors and customers present and future as well. The user, visitor, customer is asked to regularly check the updated Return policy.


If any stipulation of this Agreement shall to any extent be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall in no way be affected or impaired thereby and each such condition of this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest degree permitted by law. In such case, this Agreement shall be reformed to the minimum extent obligatory to correct any invalidity, illegality or unenforceability, while preserving to the utmost extent the rights and business expectations of the parties hereto, as expressed herein.


If you have any questions, queries, grievances or complaints, or comments about this Return Policy, please contact us at the following details, we shall sought to clear your queries at the earliest:
Email: +917666033928