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Trash Trade

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One of the most important aspects of any project is how the system is maintained and run post installation and commissioning. Whilst we hear commonly about failures after hand overs, YIMBY ensures its projects and facilities are operated by the best team of experts and thereby being in compliance to the expectations of the customers as well as with the pollution control board norms.



    •  - Deputation of service men at project site throughout the duration of contract
    •  - Responsibility of achieving compliance results 
    •  - Responsibility of repairs and rework, if any
    •  - Daily, Monthly and Quarterly reports of performance



    •  - Options of Comprehensive AMC as well as Basic AMC
    •  - Monthly site visit with preventive maintenance of systems
    •  - Remote video or call support to plant operator in case of emergencies
    •  - Responsibility of plant operations on client personnel



In order to introduce sustainable waste management practice amongst the residential societies of Goa, YIMBY launches a decentralised approach to treat the wet waste at its source of generation. This special service called as “YIMBY TREAT” would be as good as a monthly subscription. It consists of a society drum composting & operating model where in a waste shredder and other accessories would be mounted on a vehicle and will treat the wet waste of residential societies which are under the jurisdiction of Municipalities.

    •  - Minimalistic operational cost
    •  - Shredder mounted on a vehicle with composting kits & spare motor
    •  - Service capability of maximum 600 kg/day of wet waste per vehicle
    •  - Minimum contract period of 3 years



Zero Waste is a movement towards a more circular flow of materials – a cycle in which the value and useable life of raw materials are extended through reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. Materials are absorbed either into nature as valuable nutrients or into the market economy as valuable commodities. Disposal into landfills is the last resort.

  • - A Zero Waste Event is one where careful consideration is given to the products used on site and where these end up post event. Planning in this manner may result in items being recycled, composted or avoided altogether. This approach encourages organizers and stallholders to design an event that generates less waste, and/or the right kind of waste for reuse. It also involves educating patrons and raising environmental awareness about waste production and disposal. 

  • - It is also a great way to show your commitment to the environment while creating a model of zero waste for your guests, and an opportunity to expose people to the possibility of a world without (or at least a lot less) waste in a tangible and compelling way.


Trash Trade

Trash Trade service  intend to help out waste generators to Donate / Sell all kinds of recyclable waste classified into more than 12 categories and earn reward points worth the value for it. These reward points can then be redeemed to purchase goods from E-Commerce or YIMBY Retail store. The YIMBY Trash Trade App/Website portal shall allow the waste generator to schedule a pick-up & track status at their fingertip. 

It aims to strengthen the supply chain by collaborating with all licensed recyclers and waste collectors thereby ensuring a viable circular economy model in an unorganised sector.