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Copper Bottle 700ml


Long lasting and leak proof. New and Improved Cap is made to be screwed on and is provided with a silicone washer to give you a long and leak proof use. It is water tight with a seal that keeps the water out even when the bottle is upside


Product details

  • Made of pure copper
  • Light weight
  • Durable
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Benefits of Copper bottle :According to age old practices of Ayurveda, storing water in copper aids in natural purification. Human bodies need trace amounts of copper because of its antioxidants and anti -inflammatory properties. Copper is also known to be anti - bacterial. 

Do not store acidic beverages like lemonade to copper bottles  for long as acid will react with the metal and might lead to adverse health effects. 

How to clean copper bottles :  For regular cleaning soap and water solution works. You might need to occasionally clean your bottle using a lemon, salt, and vinegar solution. 

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