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Terracotta Composter + Starter Kit

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*Free Delivery in Goa, Rest of India Delivery charges at actuals.*

Yimby’s Terracotta Composter ‘s sleek and aesthetically pleasing. It can be placed anywhere in your home. The Composter is naturally porous and is ideal for families generating 1 kg/day or organic waste. 

Product Details:

  • Volume 20 L 
  • Handling Capacity - 0.5 kg/day
  • People equivalent - 1-2
  • Package contents - 3 Stack terracotta composter +Starter Kit 
  • Dimensions - 1000 mmx230mm
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*Free Delivery in Goa, Rest of India Delivery charges at actuals.*

How to compost : Place newspaper at the bottom of the topmost tier. Add a layer of cocopeat or other browns ( sawdust, cardboard, dried leaves) Add a layer of kitchen waste. Mix it thoroughly using a rake. Keep alternating cocopeat and kitchen waste till the bin is full. Move the topmost tier to the bottom, and move the bottom bin to top. Continue filling this bin like so. By the time you have filled the last tier, your bottom tier would have composted. You can add culture to speed up the process. Harvest ready compost by sieving. Add uncomposted bits to the next composting cycle. 


How to use compost : Mix it with soil to add nutrition for your plants. 


Benefits of composting : Add nutrition to your garden soil.   You get ready made manure from your own kitchen waste. No need to buy compost. Manage your kitchen waste yourself.

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